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…It all started because Bill Hutchinson wanted a brick oven. “My wife and I watched all those Food Network shows,” he says. “I mean, we love Bobby Flay. And we thought it would be cool to have a brick oven to cook in.” Turns out, the more the commercial sales executive looked into it, the only reason to have a brick oven was to make pizza. That discovery led Hutchinson to another: if you had a brick oven and you made pizza in it, you could go a step further and make Neapolitan pizza in it. And, Hutchinson realized, if he were going to that, he may as go all in and open a pizza shop – and get certified as a pizzaiolo while he was at it.

So, that’s what he did. Becoming a certified pizzaiolo means receiving a certificate from Naples, demonstrating that you’re familiar with – and have taken training on – making authentic Neapolitan methods. Hutchinson took an intensive, two-week course and, certificate in hand, he and his family opened Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana on Houston’s west side in 2011. This fall, they’re moving into Montrose…

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