A Little Bit of Naples in Houston


Pizza comes in all sorts of shapes and styles, but if you want the original, the real deal from Naples, you needed to jump on a plane and head to Italy; that is until now.

Now, all you need to do is jump in your car and drive to northwest Houston and stop at a place called Pizaro’s Pizza.

The pizzeria serves authentic Neapolitan pizza, and the pizzeria’s owner, BillHutchinson, has been trained in Italy and officially certified as a Neapolitan pizza maker.

Houston food writer Amber Ambrose recently visited Pizaro’s to check it out.

“We only use flour imported from Italy, tomatoes imported from Italy and our own homemade mozzarella cheese,” said Hutchinson. “And we use an oven made in Naples specifically made to cook pizzas.”

The oven is a thing of beauty and the centerpiece of the pizzeria. It’s made from brick and mortar from Mt. Vesuvius in Naples. The oven was put on a ship and made a five-week journey to Houston. The wood-burning oven cooks at a temperature of around 1000 degrees, cooking up the pizza in 90 seconds.

Hutchinson told Ambrose the pizzeria has a few rules, based on a dedication to freshness.

“We don’t do deliveries, we don’t take phone orders. You have to stand in line and order your pizza,” he said. “The pizza is made to be eaten right out of the oven here in the restaurant.”

If you want to take a quick trip to Naples right here in Houston, Pizaro’s is located at 14028 Memorial Drive. That’s at the corner of Memorial and North Kirkwood Road, just a few blocks south of I-10. And, at Pizaro’s, its BYOB.

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