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Pizaro’s Pizza is home to Houston’s original Napoletana pizzeria and now we offer Detroit and New York style pizzas as well!
All dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and mozzarella-blend, are made fresh in-house daily.
Dine-in or Carry-out, you can now order online.


What is Napoletana Pizza?

Based on the use of simple ingredients imported from Naples, Italy:

  • Type “00” flour
  • San Marzano style tomatoes.

Pizzas must be cooked at a blistering 900 degrees for no more than 90 seconds in a bell shaped wood fired oven.

Pizzas are approximately 12” in diameter with a soft cornicione (outer crust) patina crunch and small blisters (char). They will be very thin with a soft wet center and lightly topped. Remember: Less is More.


What is Detroit Style Pizza?

A square shaped pan style pizza, similar to Sicilian style:
  • Half-inch thick bread made from our Type “00” flour
  • Cooked twice in a blue steel pan (made in Detroit Michigan)
  • Cheddar cheese is layered into the pan along with toppings (before the second bake)
  • Topped off with a generous amount of our house made tomato sauce
Pizzas are cut into squares; have a spongy soft interior with a crispy and crunchy cheddar crust.


What is New York Style?

Predominately known as the classic “American” pizza.
  • Thin
  • Soft yet crunchy crust
  • Made from domestic ingredients: flour, tomatoes and mozzarella
  • Expect pops of flavor and textures
These pizzas contain a higher gluten content and will be able to handle more generous amounts of toppings.

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