NEW! Montrose Location Opens

After months of delays and set backs we finally opened our second location at Montrose and West Grey on April 7, 2015. The opening night was a private gathering of Friends and Family, which was a successful turn out of about 200 guest! We officially opened the doors to the public on April 8th. In lieu of the opening day our dear friend Alison Cook provided The Houston Chronicle with a wonderful article about our second location that was printed for April 8th.


Our first weekend open at Montrose was wildly successful with people pouring in the doors. The line was quite long and wrapped around the building. Many of our new customers found out that the line doesn’t last long; with our pizzas cooking in 90 seconds, they were able to order, sit, and enjoy their pies within minutes of sitting at their choice of table.

Our Montrose location is exactly double the square footage of our original location in Memorial. We were able to modify the space to our liking and add an additional oven to the mix. With two “twin” ovens we are able to churn out about 6-8 pies at a time. The decor is rustic and industrial, something we find that blends perfectly to our business as we take a 150 year old tradition and bring it back to light in a unexpected way.

As we have grown over the last 3 years at the Memorial Drive Location, we have expanded our business and continue to take it to the next level with Montrose Blvd Location as our gateway.