Several Options Available:


Alaskan white
Batasiolo Dolcetto
Bud Light
Deep Ellum Easy Peasy IPA
Dog Fish IPA
Firemans 4
Funkwerks provincial
Funkwerks Saison
Funkwerks Tropic King
Grapefruit Hefeweizen
Houston Haze
Jai Alai
Karbach Love Street
La Terazze Praeludium
Lucignano Chianti
Masera Gavi
Periopan Soave
Renato Ratti Barbara
Yellow Rose
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Mini Nutella
8 Mile
BBQ Chicken
Build Your Own
Build Your Own – White
Motor City
Mr Sweetpea
Proscuitto Pie
The Greek
Tomato Pie
Acqua Panna
Blood Orange Pellegrino
Fountain Drinks
Lemon Pellegrino
Mexican Coke
Orange Pellegrino
Wild South Tea
Arugula Pizza
Build Your Own
Calabrese Pizza
Campania Pizza
Cheese Pizza
Cornicione Di Ricotta e Spinaci Pizza
Fino Pizza
Iberico de bellota
Margherita Pizza
Patata e Funghi Pizza
Polpette Pizza
Pomodorini Pizza
Salsiccia e Funghi Pizza
Sweetpea Pizza
White BYO (No Sauce)
Build Your Own
Meat Market
NY Margherita
Pepperoni Squared
The Garden
White BYO NY
Caesar Salad
Caprese Salad
House Salad
Italian Flat Bread



Ranch Salad

About Montrose

Our Napoletana style pizza is made from imported ingredients from Naples Italy: tipo “00” flour (whole wheat), tomatoes and mozzarella. We make our dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella fresh daily in house. Pizzas are cooked in our one-of-a-kind wood fired brick ovens (made and shipped from Naples Italy) for 90 seconds at 900º.To learn more about Napoletana style pizza click here >

Our Detroit Style pizza is made from both imported and domestic ingredients. These pan style pizzas are cooked in Blue Steel pans made in Detroit, Michigan. They are thick and bread like, similar to Sicilian style pizza or focaccia bread and lined with a cheddar cheese crusted edge. These pizzas are layered with brick cheese and toppings then finished with our house made custom blend tomato sauce. Sauce is drizzled on top (most pizzas) and is often referred to as a “Red Top” pizza. Cook time is about 6 minutes at 550º in our custom built deck ovens.

Our New York style pizza is made from domestic ingredients and topped with our house made custom blend of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. These pizzas are thin and feature a slightly crisp exterior crust with a soft and flavorful interior. We serve a single size of 16” pizzas, no slices. Cook time is about 7 minutes at 550º in our custom built deck ovens. This classic American style pizza is unlike anything else offered in town- you’ll think we imported the New York water!

Hours and Location

Montrose Blvd Location

1000 West Gray Street, Houston, TX 77019
832 742 5200

Montrose Hours

Tue – Thur | 11am – 9pm
Fri – Sat | 11am – 10pm
Sunday | 11am – 9pm
Monday | Closed