Pizaros’ Own Nicole Bean to Compete in World Pizza Championship in Italy

Nicole Bean, of Pizaro’s Pizza, has been selected to represent the United States at the upcoming World Pizza Championship, in Italy. The event will host hundreds of pizza-makers from around the world. Think of it as the Super Bowl of pizza making.

“The winner means you are the world’s best pizza-maker, and you can’t dispute that,” says Bean, “You win in Italy, that’s everything.”

Nicole is one of four women on the U.S. team and the only Texan in the competition. She was invited by team organizers after they watched her in other pizza competitions and enjoyed the work she was doing in her Houston pizzerias.

Bean’s primary competition will be in the ‘Classic’ division, where she’ll make a 12-inch pie with whatever toppings she chooses. She wants to make something delicious, of course, and familiar to the judges.

“What I’m trying to accomplish is the same similarity of an Italian pizza done in an American way,” says Bean.

The World Pizza Championship will begin in Parma, Italy, on April 9.

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