Meet Nicole Bean of Pizaro’s Pizza

VoyageHouston | November 1, 2017 |

Nicole, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
This business started as my dad’s (Bill) hobby/interest. His primary initiation into pizza was to have a brick oven in the backyard as a multi-use tool, he’d always cooked barbecue and wanted to extend his outdoor cooking skills. After completing some research, he’d come to find that the brick ovens were meant for pizzas and bread.

Things began to spiral from that point. We’d made pizzas recreationally just for fun one night and enjoyed the process so much that started to order small amounts of flour from Italy and then tomatoes.

Making pizza at home became a weekly thing on Saturday/Sunday evenings. It was a delicious obsession, so much so that my dad had decided he wanted to start his own business and quit his corporate job. (Bill went to Pizziolo School where he learned to master the craft of Napoletana pizza) A year and a half later, that is exactly what he did with the help of my mom and brother, Matt.

We’d been living in Austin at the time but couldn’t find the right area to start, one day they came to Houston to visit my grandma and found the perfect location (In memorial’s Energy Corridor), a few months later my family moved to Houston to start working on building out the space. It wasn’t much longer before the oven arrived from Italy, we had to get a forklift to get it inside the space. It took 8 men to push it into its home and the rest of the store was built around it. The doors opened December 2011.

To say the rest is history is far from the truth!

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