Eat the Best Pizza in Houston

If anyone thought judging the best doughnut in Houston was hard, he or she would be sorely mistaken. Attempting to uncover the best pizza in Houston was a monstrous task to tackle when considering the vast pizza landscape in conjunction with the wide, wide range of opinions held by the judging panel.

However, on one fateful Saturday, ten pizza lovers assembled to do a side-by-side taste test of 24 pizzas from inside the Loop to crown the best New York-style and best Neapolitan pizzas in Houston. There were many surprises for the judging panel after the scores were aggregated, so take these results as more of a baseline than a be-all, end-all of Houston pizza judgment.

Consider: Are you a lover of crunchy crust? A doughy-based, sauce-laden aficionado? A spare-sauced, heavy-cheese fan? Read on for guidelines to help you find your ideal pizza nirvana amid the lively Houston pizza scene.

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First place: Pizaro’s (6.6/10)

With the highest overall ratings, Pizaro’s exemplifies the ideal Neapolitan pizza. The crust is beautifully bubbled and charred with a chewy, moist, sour interior. The balance between generous, gooey mozzarella dollops, torn fresh basil and fresh, slightly chunky sauce was harmonious enough to please even the pickiest of judges.